Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis
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"If you are actually feeling the physical signs of hunger, it's time to eat and you absolutely should eat" says Elizabeth DeRobertis.
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"Refined carbs can trigger food cravings and these food cravings are similar to drug addict cravings."

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Most people know what it takes, but have trouble integrating the steps in their lives. Finding a program that suits your lifestyle is just as important as finding one that suits your taste buds.
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"Slim Fast actually has recently done a number of studies on people with Type II Diabetes" says Elizabeth DeRobertis.

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Two ladies undergo a makeover
  • Nutrition Plan
  • New Wardrobe
  • New Hair & Makeup
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There's a lot to account for when living with Type II Diabetes. Sometimes it helps to talk it out. I'd like to welcome Elizabeth DeRobertis.
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Elizabeth DeRobertis, "I'm here to talk to you today about the importance of healthy food choices if you've been diagnosed with diabetes. It's important for you to know that you can still enjoy the foods that you love, even though you've been diagnosed with diabetes."


Elizabeth DeRobertis comments on the question posed, "as a whole, society knows that Americans are gaining too much weight, but is society making it easier or more difficult for people to eat right and lose weight?"
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It kills more Americans than Breast Cancer & AIDS combined.

It's the #1 cause of blindness in adults.

It doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke.

1 in 13 of all Americans have it. 1 in 4 of these don't know it. 1 in 5 are on their way to getting it.

Elizabeth DeRobertis shares summer tips, "the summer is a very busy time of the year for many people. People tend to take road trips, trips to the beach, family vacations and the key to managing your weight during the summer is..."
Guest appearance by Elizabeth DeRobertis on the topic of "Living Well with Diabetes"
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"The Goji Berry also has lots of health benefits"

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Elizabeth DeRobertis Print Media Appearances
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Westchester Women Magazine
Nutrition Tweaks During and After Menopause
"When a woman who comes to see me is feeling 'stuck' in this way, often we will change her breakfast routine from a carbohydrate-heavy one to one focused more on protein. This swap can be as simple as shifting from oatmeal to eggs – one basic change that I have seen result in weight loss.,” article by Elizabeth DeRobertis... read more >>
Winter 2023
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
The Fresh Toast
Healthy Behaviors Making You Feel Exhausted
"Carbs tend to be associated with lots of calories, and are usually the first thing to go when following a diet. While some carbs contain a lot of calories, they’re also helpful in keeping you hydrated and energized. “For every gram of carbohydrate stored in the body, there is approximately 2 to 3 grams of water retained,” explained dietitian Elizabeth DeRobertis..." read more >>
Sept 2023
The Loop Elizabeth DeRobertis
The Loop
White Plains Hospital: Nutrition Tweaks for Menopause
"Finding a weight-management regime that is right for you should always be a priority. And while menopause may cause some temporary disorder with what had been your usual routine, a few easy adjustments can keep you on a healthy path during this new stage of life...." read more>>
Sept 2023
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Health Matters
Your Women's Health Questions Answered
"As perimenopause and menopause hit, new issues may arise in terms of weight management", Nutritionist Elizabeth DeRobertis explained. "As hormones are changing, many women start to become insulin-resistant, so we're more sensitive to carbohydrates than in prior years..." read more >>
Summer 2023
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Scarsdale 10583: Scarsdale's #1 Community Website
Experts Offer Answers to Sensitive Questions About Women's Health
"An ever-present concern is weight gain. One attendee asked, “Why is it so hard to maintain our weight as we get older?” Nutritionist Elizabeth DeRobertis explained that, in menopause, weight shifts to the abdominal area as women develop insulin resistance and become more sensitive to carbohydrates. She suggested..." read more >>
May 2023
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Consumer Report
Best Canned Food for Healthy Meals
“Fresh produce may actually lose some of its nutritional benefits by the time we buy it in the store,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis, RD, director of the Nutrition Center at the Scarsdale Medical Group/White Plains Hospital. “Your food may be traveling thousands of miles and have been picked over a week before you purchase it.” read more >>
November 2022
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Hello Giggles
Hollywood Is Losing Weight and Sources Say Their Secret Weapon Is A Prescription
Wegovy, and a similar drug called Ozempic, are derived from a compound called semaglutide. These drugs are mainly a medicine for those living with Type 2 diabetes and were approved by the FDA for long-term weight management in June 2021. The medications were initially intended to treat diabetes, and were then found to have a significant weight loss impact,” Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDN, CDE, CPT, and creator of the GPS for Weight Loss Program tells HelloGiggles..." read more >>
October 2022
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Health Central
Foods That Could Help Fight Psoriasis
“YOU ARE WHAT you eat” may be an old cliché, but when you have an inflammatory skin disease such as psoriasis (PsO), there’s some truth to it. While no food can cure PsO, certain ones may improve or worsen the condition. “There is no one particular diet that is recommended for psoriasis, but psoriasis is an autoimmune condition so foods that trigger inflammation may be a culprit in psoriasis flare-ups,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis, R.D., a registered dietician at Scarsdale Medical Group..." read more >>
July 2022
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
The Rye Record
Food for Thought when Giving Up Meat
"When people come to my office, they often feel like they “need” to eat in a vegan/vegetarian/plant-based (v/v/pb) style to be healthy. One thing that we talk about is the scientific substantiation for many different healthy eating styles, some that include (lean) animal proteins, and some that do not. The first thing is to go along with someone’s belief system, and also what is the most realistic for them and their family. There is not just one “best” dietary approach for all, but I think we can pull from the different approaches..." read more >>
April 2022
Health Matters, a Publication of White Plains Hospital
Bad Diet or Fad Diet? Deciphering the Best Way to Eat in 2022
"Diet is a four-letter word because it implies that it is temporary and that you’ll be deprived. It’s important that people understand how to make realistic changes over time,” explains DeRobertis. "Check out these modified diet options to find something that will appeal to your taste buds while trimming your waistline..." read more by clicking on the image 
Winter 2022
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
CNN Health
10 ways to boost your energy and feel rejuvenated throughout the day
"There are a number of ways that we can boost our energy, including focusing on the right combination of foods and the timing of meals and snacks," said registered dietitian nutritionist Elizabeth DeRobertis, who is director of the Nutrition Center at Scarsdale Medical Group, White Plains Hospital... read more >>
Aug 2021
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
CNN Health
How your 'healthy' lifestyle can be making you tired
"If you are trying to lose weight and you reduce your calories too dramatically, this can leave you without the right amount of energy or fuel that you need to get through the day," said Elizabeth DeRobertis, a registered dietitian and director of the Nutrition Center at Scarsdale Medical Group... read more >>
Aug 2021
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
KOPA for Psoriasis
6 Tricks for Staying Active When You Work from Home
"If you have workout equipment at home—like a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical machine—and it seems to go untouched most days, add a little accountability to your routine. Make a date with a friend to exercise while you Zoom, FaceTime, or just have a call over your lunch break, suggests Elizabeth..." read more >>
Jan 2021
U.S. News & World Report
Does the Blood Type Diet Help You Lose Weight?
“I took another look, and there are no new studies to date that I could find that provide any substantiation for the correlation between blood type and food,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis”...  read more >>
Dec 2020
US News Elizabeth DeRobertis
U.S. News & World Report
Is a Liquid Diet for Weight Loss a Good Idea?
“There are liquid, or better to call them meal replacement, shakes that can be utilized to create an effective weight loss approach,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis..."  read more >>
Dec 2020
U.S. News & World Report
What Is the Blue Zone Diet?
"...they drew concentric blue circles on the map and began referring to the area inside the circle as the 'Blue Zone,' says Elizabeth DeRobertis..."  read more >>
Sept 2020
Westchester Magazine
The Healthy Foods You Need to Play Better Golf
"Peak performance on the golf course — not to mention better all-around health — depends remarkably on good nutrition. Unfortunately, dietary fads can easily interfere with both, according to Elizabeth DeRobertis...." read more >>
July 2020
11 Tips for Eating Right On the Go with Type 2 Diabetes
" choices in advance and either package them up to take with you, or put them in one area of the refrigerator so you don’t need to make many food decisions throughout the day,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis... read more>>
June 2020
Diets in Review
The Benefits of a Small-Meal Eating Plan
Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Instructor Elizabeth DeRobertis, RD, also attests to this way of eating, and recommends it to many  of her patients at The Nutrition Center at the Scarsdale Medical Group ... read more>>
May 2020
USA Today
What to understand about the 6 diets everyone is talking about this year
Elizabeth DeRobertis, a registered dietitian with Scarsdale Medical Group, a partner of White Plains Hospital in White Plains, New York, takes a deeper dive into the six diets everyone seems to be talking about in 2020... read more>>
Feb 2020
What exactly is the Pegan diet?
“I would be OK with someone following this plan in an effort to eat in a healthier way in order to lose weight, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, or lower blood glucose,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis... read more>>
Jan 2020
The Loop
White Plains Hospital: A Guide to Intermittent Fasting
Starting a diet that requires you to make drastic changes or big sacrifices of foods you love is usually a waste of time. People can’t stick to those types of diets over time... read more>>
Jan 2020
Ultra-Processed Food: What is it and is it Really That Worrisome?
Elizabeth warns that we don’t want to instill the fear of eating anything unhealthy in our kids (called orthorexia), but that there are ways to buy, prepare and consume more conscientiously.... read more>>
Sept 2019
Shape Magazine
What Your Food Cravings Really Mean
"A better way to release that tension is to punch a punching bag or do any kind of exercise, which will release endorphins to boost your mood," explains Elizabeth DeRobertis... read more>>
Sept 2019
Women's Health
Is The Keto Diet Safe For Kids? Everything You Need To Know About Keto For Children
But for growing kids, is it ever safe to limit carbohydrate intake? Spoiler alert: Experts say no. “Children need carbohydrates to help with proper development,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis... read more>>
Aug 2019
How to eat smart at a Super Bowl party
To avoid overindulging, try to eat a snack before heading to a party — and if you're really determined to skip the spread altogether, bring your own healthy options, suggests registered dietitian Elizabeth DeRobertis... read more>>
Jan 2015
Food Network
14 Foods the Experts Won't Eat
"I do not microwave food in plastic, so I am careful to transfer foods to glass bowls, and check the number on the bottom of any plastics that we use in the kitchen, especially the kids plates and bowls."... read more>>
Aug 2015
Fitness Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Fitness Magazine
Health - Food Fight
"Agave syrup and honey both have 64 calories, about 16 grams of carbs and between 14 and 17 grams of sugar per tablespoon,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis... 
Jan 2014
Working Mother Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Working Mother Magazine
No Excuses 2! Stress, Stumbles and Solutions
Jennifer can refresh her commitment by writing a list of reasons she wants to lose weight and get fit, suggests the nutritionist who created last year’s plan, Elizabeth DeRobertis... read more>>
Jan 2014
Glamour Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Glamour Magazine - Britain
Six Desk Essentials: Forget Pens and Post-its, these foods are your new work must-haves
"There's a reason we crave crisps at work: pent up emotions actually make us desire crunchy textures," according to dietician Elizabeth DeRobertis....
Sept 2014
Men's Health
How to Tell If You've Got a Fat Future
Lab tests called TSH and free T4 tell your doctor how well this butterfly-shaped organ is working. “If your thyroid is underactive and sluggish, then makes your metabolism sluggish as well,” says Elizabeth DeRobertis... read more>>
Apr 2013
Complete Idiot's Guide Belly Fat Weight Loss Elizabeth DeRobertis
the Complete Idiot's Guide: Belly Fat Weight Loss
Elizabeth DeRobertis is an expert contributor to the book. Includes more than 100 nutritious recipes and features flexible menu plans. Offers easy, but effective exercises with an emphasis on Pilates core conditioning... read more>>
Mar 2012
Scarsdale Patch
Report: New York Ranks 41st in Nation for Adult Obesity Rates
Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDN, CDE, of Scarsdale Medical Nutrition and Diabetes Center says that doctors play a critical role in convincing people to lose weight. "Studies support that patients are motivated... read more>>
July 2011
Serendipity Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Serendipity Magazine
Lunch Line Logic
Elizabeth DeRobertis is the contributing nutritional expert studying a week's worth of school lunches to give her best advice on navigating the lunch line.
Sept/Oct 2011
The Complete Guide to Healthy Cooking and Nutrition for College Students
How Not to Gain 17 Pounds at College
Elizabeth DeRobertis is an expert contributor to the book. College students face a number of stigmas when they first leave home and start living on their own. From not having their parents nearby to help clean and answer questions to being responsible for their own cooking and cleaning, the move from high school to college can be a bit of shellshock for many teenagers... read more>>
Feb 2010
Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally Elizabeth DeRobertis
Making Weight Control Second Nature
Living Thin Naturally
Elizabeth DeRobertis is an expert contributor to the book. "Often a client will tell me that they think that everyone else can eat what they want, and they feel like they're the only ones that need to be careful. It's not true..." read more >>
July 2009
Diabetes Spectrum Journal Elizabeth DeRobertis
Diabetes Spectrum Journal
Early Patient and Clinician Experiences with Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Co-Author Elizabeth DeRobertis shares, "As one of the nine clinical sites for the study, we were able to experience the use of the system along with our patients. Working with patients who used the system proved to be extremely beneficial in helping us to make decisions that resulted in improved blood glucose control and overall diabetes management."
Volume 21, Number 2, 2008
914 Inc Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Lubbock-Avalanche Journal
Try Nutritious Alternatives to Traditional Temptations
“The trick to losing or maintaining your weight is to realize that it is a year-round commitment,” says DeRobertis, who is a registered dietitian. “If you’re tempted by the delicious offerings of this time of year, look for healthy alternatives — sometimes changing one thing in a recipe can turn it into a good choice. It’s as simple as eating low-calorie sorbet instead of ice cream or turkey burgers instead of hamburgers — both are delicious choices.”
June 2004
Smart Money The Wall Street Journal Magazine Elizabeth DeRobertis
Smart Money: The Wall Street Journal Magazine
Five Status Updates You May One Day See on Facebook
First Lady Michelle Obama promotes healthier eating habits across the nation’s youth. But as with countless public health campaigns waged by state and local agencies, such efforts don’t always do much to get people to change their habits. But would people be more responsive to the urging of their Facebook friends? Elizabeth DeRobertis, a dietician at Scarsdale Medical Group, recommends something along the lines of a social calorie calculator.
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Elizabeth DeRobertis shares some helpful tactics to help you avoid putting on weight when eating out

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This interview, also featuring nutritionist and food expert Toby Amidor, discusses healthy holiday shopping, food preparation, and essential tips to maintain your weight (and even lose weight) during the holiday season.

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This interview provides helpful information on how food impacts blood glucose, how to choose the right meal plan for optimized blood glucose control, the importance of testing blood glucose and the best testing schedule, avoiding common pitfalls when it comes to diabetes management, and much more.


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