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Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDN, CDE, CPT



What you will get out of this course

Hi, my name is Elizabeth DeRobertis, and I help both men and women to lose weight who feel stuck, frustrated, and feel like they have already tried every diet and will never actually lose the weight.

For those of you who have tried to lose weight in the past, only to feel like you messed up and went off track.. telling yourself you’ll wait till Monday to get back on, or after the vacation or after the holiday, ... or even worse waited till January, this plan is for you.

I'm Ready to Begin My Weight Loss Journey
Dear Liz,
I am beyond grateful for all the blessings you've brought into my life, especially during this extremely challenging and terrifying year of the 2020 global pandemic.
I was uncomfortably heavy in December of 2019 (255 lbs at only 5'4"), and I contracted Coronavirus, a life-threatening virus, with my obesity being a risk factor. After suffering for months, living in fear, and fighting for my life, you've been the light that has inspired me to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Your comprehensive approach combined with an in-depth personal assessment makes you a very unique and exceptional nutritionist. Being on a caloric "budget" allows me to still enjoy foods I crave, and has helped me learn the value of portion control. 
It is admirable with all your knowledge, that you're so willing to learn from your clients, who provide YOU with new food ideas, and recipes that you so readily and excitedly share. I never thought that getting healthy would be FUN and feel so rewarding.
Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

I open up to you about food (and even life) choices with ease,

as you're non-judgemental and keep me in such a positive mindset.

I've never once felt embarrassed or ashamed when speaking with you about weight or nutrition, a topic that has been very sensitive for me throughout my entire life. You having access to my MyFitnessPal account has helped to hold myself accountable and not cut corners.
If I have a "slip-up", I am able to simply look forward, rather than self loathe or sabotage. I continue to eagerly await my sessions with you, as you've completely transformed my relationship with food, my body, my self worth and empowerment.  I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, support, and empathy.  

I am proud to say that I've lost over 70 pounds with your guidance

and I am still looking forward to reaching my goal.

You've improved countless lives and have mended so many struggles, which is only just a small part of what makes you wonderful. This experience has been cathartic for the body, mind, and soul.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. - Erica F., Ardsley, NY
Erica lost 70 pounds



📣 Update: Erica is now down a total of 86 pounds ❗

Who I help the most

My patients often say, “I run a business, I raise a family, I am so successful in other aspects of my life.. why can’t I conquer this?

Why can’t I actually lose weight and keep it off?”


I help educated people, who have been repeatedly thrown off track by
various diet plans that lead you astray, and do not address the emotional component and the addiction component that also need to be
addressed for weight loss to be achieved AND sustained.
I'm Ready to Join the GPS Program!
Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

My Background

With over 20 years of experience helping thousands of people to lose weight in a way that they actually keep it off, I am here to teach my proven method to you.

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition
  • Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Insulin Pump Trainer
  • Editor & contributor to the Nutrition Research Newsletter
  • Featured on Dateline, Food Network & WE Network
Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis
Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis
I started with Liz in June 2015. I remember my first hour long meeting like it was yesterday. I told her "I wasn't giving up wine." Her answer "you don't have to." She gave me ideas - like don't drink at home and limit yourself to 2 glasses when you are out.


I also remember telling her at my first meeting that it was

a bad time to start because I was going away the following day.

She said "it is never a good time to start."

I lost 4 pounds that first week! I lost a lot of weight the first year and then hit a plateau. It has been 5 1/2 years.
I have hit some plateaus along the way. During one of my plateaus, Liz made the suggestion to try intermittent
fasting and that worked!!! After my last plateau, I started going for more walks and longer walks.
Keys to My Success
  • Planning my meals at home and when you go out for dinner. Look at the menus on line before so you can look up ingredients/calories and know what you are going to order beforehand.
  • Schedule my exercise. I make plans with friends to walk in advance. It is a great way to catch up with your friends. If I can't walk in person with someone, I bring my ear pods on my walk and I call a friend(s) .
  • I don't keep foods/drinks at home that I know I shouldn't eat/drink. I keep 100 calorie snacks around for portion control. Also after going to the market, I prepare my foods to eat. For example, I peel the carrots before putting them in fridge. 
  • Keeping in touch with Liz - she makes great suggestions. For example I was getting hungry in the morning after my exercise and she made a suggestion to have pure protein to carry me over to lunch. I now keep hard boiled eggs in fridge.

The best part of having lost weight is that I feel great. I'm in much better shape - able to do more then 1 exercise a day.

Kim lost 82 pounds

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

For those of you who wonder the factual answers to these questions, this course is for you:


Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis
Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis
Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

I can’t lose weight and everyone says I must not be eating enough?

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

What is the GPS Weight Loss Method / Program

GPS weight loss program Elizabeth DeRobertis
In all of my years in this field, I realized there is one MAIN difference between the people who actually lose weight and keep it off, compared to those who lose it, and gain it back again.
Surprise -- it has nothing to do with staying on track perfectly 100% of the time. In fact, that is not even recommended.


Eating perfectly 100% of the time is considered to be an eating disorder.

I don’t eat perfectly 100% of the time.


The main key to success is…

John, age 32, lost 50 pounds

I was hospitalized for high triglycerides and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on August 11th, 2020. I weighed over 300lbs. Doctor at the ER told me that If this was left untreated, that I would probably be dead before I turned 35. 


I came home from the hospital two days later, my wife tossed 5 positive pregnancy tests in my lap, and my entire life changed in that moment. I needed to get healthy!


I quit smoking, stopped drinking, cut carbs and started exercising every day. I had a great support system around me (my doctors, my nutritionist Liz, wife, mother, siblings, father, all supported me and continued to encourage me). It’s been just under 4 months and I’ve lost just over 50lbs and I feel great!

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

Lab improvements From August 11th to November 9th :

  • Weight Started at over 300lbs and Now at 249.5lbs
  • Triglycerides Started at over 5,000 and Now at 85
  • Cholesterol Started at 409 and Now at 136
  • HDL Started at 24 and Now at 49
  • LDL Didn’t even compute, Now at 77
  • A1C Started at 9.7 and Now at 5.3

The only person that could actually make this happen was me.

I found something inside of me that I didn’t know existed but was there the whole time. It allowed me to get to this point!

Now that I know what I am capable of and who I ACTUALLY am, I don’t think I’ll ever allow myself to lose myself ever again.

The best part of of losing weight is that when my baby girl is born this April, I know that she will only know the very best version of her father and that now I am healthy enough to stick around a little while and watch her grow up!

Keys to success:

  • Surrounded myself with people who supported me and I continued to proudly keep everyone updated on my progress. Seeing results on the scale kept me motivated to proudly exclaim each milestone reached.
  • Having a great professional team around me (I actually looked forward to visits with my endocrinologist and nutritionist).
  • Healthy proteins, low carbs, lots of water. ( I essentially cut out starchy foods, filled up on veggies and lean proteins).
  • Intermittent Fasting (Switched to black coffee in the mornings and tried my best not to eat past 8pm)
  • Exercise (The Peloton Bike and App saved me. I am addicted. Working out is fun and you can share your success with your friends on the app.)
  • Creating healthy meals, snacks and cheats that I actually enjoy eating! (Grilled chicken and veggies everyday gets boring. I had to switch it up if I was going to sustain this lifestyle.
  • Rewarding myself with a meal that I really love after reaching mile stones.
25lbs – Chinese Food
40lbs – Homemade Ravioli with the family
50lbs – Pizza (I LOVE PIZZA)
60lbs – Maybe I’ll have a burger???
  • Calling on my support system, especially my father, when I felt discouraged. I plateaued and felt like I was on the brink of a relapse. I was eating healthy, exercising and not seeing results. I called an emergency meeting with my nutritionist and talked through it, formulated a new plan, and before I knew it, I was back to seeing results again.

The best part about losing weight is EVERYTHING! Everything about your life improves. I have more confidence at work, my sales numbers are way up, I’m smiling more, I have more energy, I’m more productive… My wife thinks I’m HOT again!!! Other people think I’m HOT!!!


John lost 50 pounds

The GPS Weight Loss Method

The main difference is...


How quickly people recalculate and get back on track,

once they notice they have started to drive off track.




To achieve successful and permanent weight loss it is essential that you have your internal GPS on.


Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

This is the number one key to success I have seen in my 20 years of practice.

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

I am here to teach you my proven method to achieve permanent weight loss, following the roadmap that I have created to help thousands of patients reach their weight loss goals (and stay there).

So often if someone feels like they have messed up they say forget the rest of the day, I'll start over again tomorrow.

For over 20 years I have been talking to people about what they eat and how they feel and analyze what helps people to actually achieve their goals.

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

In my private practice I see up to 90 patients every week.

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

The number one predictor of their success in losing weight and keeping it off is how quickly they re-calculate.

I'm Ready to Join the GPS Program!


My name is Donna and I have lost 100lbs.

I started my weight loss journey in November 2016. I was 55 years old and a newly retired teacher, since January, that had tried every diet I could find that I thought I could do alone.
I had always been overweight since a young child and had lost and gained weight my whole life. I was on blood pressure meds since my 20’s and cholesterol meds in my 40’s.
I liked food, but knew the popular ‘bad’ things to stay away from. I never ate a lot of cakes or cookies for that reason. I did like sugar, mostly in the form of candy. I think my bigger issue was portion size and not knowing which was the healthiest of options presented to me.
The food industry does not help people with weight issues. It is so difficult to navigate all the so called healthy trends and I was always jumping on the newest bandwagon in hopes that it would work.
Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis
I finally decided in 2016 that I had enough and with my weight being at a number I never thought I’d see, decided to get some help. I researched nutritionists and found Liz. I made my first appointment and have been seeing her for the past 4 years. My journey has been great.

I liked that Liz could work around the foods that I liked rather than trying to fit into a menu plan with foods I would never eat.

I liked the one-on-one attention to be able to tweak my foods and have a discussion about it.

And best of all, I wasn’t doing it alone but with someone who had the knowledge I desperately needed to succeed.

My daily food log was something that I always completed. I started with a few choices for each meal. I would stick to the same foods for meals until I got tired of them. I would find replacements and check them out with Liz.
Breakfast is some form of an egg and a berry fruit. Lunch is a Builtbar and a Halo. Dinner is a protein of either chicken or turkey chopmeat and veggies. Snacks can be a yogurt, Built bite, Ice pop, or Sugar free pudding. I have two or less snacks, depending on the day and how I feel. The scale has gone down mostly but some weeks not.
I have maintained my focus to finally be healthy for the first time in my life. I do not need blood pressure meds anymore. Liz and I still have discussions to try to tweak things that can help maintain this loss.
Each person’s journey will look different, depending on food and exercise choices, but keeping focus to reach the goal of being healthy is the same.
Donna lost 100 pounds
Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

You are probably familiar with GPS systems that come in your car or that you may download on your phone, such as Google Maps or Waze.


You enter in the Destination and it directs you on how to get there and what time you'll arrive.

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

If you make a wrong turn your GPS never says you screwed up, so

don't go there. It's simply says re-calculate, make the next legal U-turn,

and puts you immediately back on track.


Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis
As long as you listen to the quick calculation, you
will notice that your Destination usually does not even
change, or maybe you just lose 1 minute.


But if you are frustrated that you went off track, and you drive around in the wrong neighborhood, it takes you much longer to get there. And frankly, maybe you will not get there at all.

Even worse, if you drive around in the wrong neighborhood for a long time, and you are getting further and further from your destination, you may end up in a bad neighborhood, somewhere you're not supposed to be. It's much safer just to get quickly back on track.

Another thing to think about is the nice voice that they choose for the GPS systems.

They are very calm, and they never yell at you.

If you go off track multiple times in the same trip they keep guiding you back on track. They never yell at you, or say you're so stupid you can't drive.

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

But that is exactly what we do to ourselves on our weight loss journey.


We can be doing very well, and something happens that sends us off track.


Instead of re-calculating, we get mad at ourselves and say I can't believe I messed up again. I'm never going to get this right. And we don't use our inner GPS to re-calculate.

Instead we go off track, and blame ourselves for not having enough willpower, and then take too much time to get back on track again.

🎈THIS is going to be the time that you start on your weight loss plan and make it to the end of your journey. 🎈THIS time is going to be different. It’s important that you realize that. Part of the reason is...


I am going to teach you everything that you need to know to be able to lose weight that is scientific and will also make sense to you.

I’ll teach you in a way that will fit into YOUR LIFESTYLE and not ask you to do things that are hard to sustain or that are different from the rest of your family.
And the biggest change will be, that we will not start this program
until you turn your Internal GPS ON!
I'm Ready to Begin My Weight Loss Journey

Ok, I’m in - Now What?

Your GPS for weight loss Elizabeth DeRobertis

Before you get on the highway:

Make sure that your directions are right.
If you are following a bogus plan without scientific
substantiation, you're going to drive in circles, run out of gas,
and never make it to your destination. And it's not your fault. So many plans out there set people up for failure. They don't give
them a strategic roadmap for success. Instead they set them up
to drive in the snow without four wheel drive or snow tires.

Here’s what you’re getting when enrolling in the program:


GPS for Weight Loss Program

You will have the experience of hearing first hand how Liz shares her GPS Strategies and Secrets to Weight Loss success with her patients, and has been for the past 20 years.
This course will teach you how to "Turn on Your Internal GPS", and follow this Proven Pathway to Permanent Weight Loss, using Liz’s 18 Keys to Success that have helped thousands of her patients to lose weight and keep it off.  

This Comprehensive Program includes: 

  • 14 Modules that will help you to navigate every aspect of weight loss.  From determining your calorie needs, to the most effective food logging methods. From strategic snacking tips, to what to order in a restaurant.  From how to deal with the scale, to how to handle emotional eating triggers.  Every aspect of your weight loss journey will be covered from beginning to end.  
  • 50 Bite Size Videos - up close and personal with Liz, that will simulate a counseling experience sitting face-to-face in her office (but in the comfort and privacy of your own home).  
  • 8 weeks of Structured Email support to guide you through the GPS Program. 
  • Lifetime access to the content, so you can go through at your own pace, and re-watch the areas that you need the most help with.


You'll also receive BONUS material including:

  • 60 pages of Worksheets and Guides - to help navigate everything from supermarket shopping to utilizing emotional eating strategies.
  • 7 Day Meal Plan plus a detailed Shopping List - to make healthy eating easy to prep and plan.
  • Recipe Database with 60+ Inspirational Ideas that are in the right calorie range to help you to lose weight, including ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Insider Access to the GPS Weight Loss Success Stories  - "What I Ate in a Typical Day".  See what Liz's most successful patients ate during their weight loss journey.
  • Deeper Dive Videos into the Keys to Weight Loss Success using the GPS system - including specific examples of what to make for quick and easy meals, strategies to use for emotional eating, decoding Fad Diets, alcohol hacks, and more.
  • Access to the Supportive & Private GPS Facebook Group.  Gain support from others embarking on the same journey. Liz will be available in the group to share tips, and help if you're stuck and need expert advice.


Join the GPS Program

My GPS for Weight Loss Guarantee 

In this Program you’ll receive all the knowledge, tools, and support you need to lose weight. 

This will mean you’re becoming healthier, happier and more confident about your body and eating habits. I know this may sound too good to be true, but trust me, my clients have been enjoying these exact same results for years and you deserve to feel that way, too. 

If you enroll in the program, you’ll gain total clarity about how to manage your hunger, how to create healthy meals, learn how to control your cravings without spiking your blood sugar, and feel more confident about food and your eating lifestyle. 

If after this you don’t feel 100% sure that you’re well on your way to eating more healthfully and healing your body with a down-to-earth nutrition plan, please let me, Liz, know by emailing me directly at [email protected] within 14 days of purchasing the course. If you show me proof that you’ve done the work I taught you, and still didn’t get any of the results I promised, I will gladly refund your money right away. 

Let's Do This! I'm Ready to Begin My Weight Loss Journey!